About Me

Dear business partners and colleagues;

Kapidag, one of the most respected corporations last 49 years based in Turkey. We owe our success in local and international areas to follow “the best" and keeping ourselves open to innovative ideas. With this mentality we operate in 4 major areas to provide benefits to our clients and our country. The areas we are working are media, pharmaceutical, construction and technology. Our biggest power to operate successful business in such big variety are our employees and our partners. We strictly encourage innovations and entrepreneurship in our companies. Our policies for our companies to evaluate and invest new ideas and ventures. As a result we actively finding new connections and partnerships locally and internationally. We strongly believe that we will be very successful with our new partnerships in new areas. I sincerely believe that in the coming periods, we will achieve brand new achievements in the areas in which we operate and make a difference with innovative approaches. I would like to thank all our employees, partners and all social stakeholders for their trust, support and cooperation in the success of Kapidag. Sincerely,



Chairman Of The BOARD